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At Options in Family, our Southern California egg donor and surrogacy agency seeks to provide intended families, egg donors, and surrogacy candidates with exceptional client services. OIF strives to meet the unique needs of every family. With more than a decade of experience, we are committed to helping intended parents fulfill their aspirations of having a family.

"Our two-year journey with Options in Family was seamless and we loved the intimacy shared within a small team. We would definitely recommend this agency to couples who are looking to fulfill their dreams of growing a family."

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Services For Our Southern California Clients

Global Egg Donor Program

Obtain access to our diverse pool of egg donors from around the world. Our screening process evaluates all facets of our donors to ensure the best quality egg candidates.

Diamond Match Program

The Southern California egg donor and surrogacy agency at Options in Family conducts a thorough analysis to pair you with a candidate to meet your requirements.

CARE Surrogate Program

As an extension of your family, we select only the most dependable & experienced gestational carriers and traditional surrogates to nurture your child.

YES Concierge Services

Not sure what you need? No problem. Our team of egg donor and surrogacy experts are here to assist and guide your journey.


Intended Parents

Options in Family administers a detailed examination of each person interested in donation. Our team of experts evaluates not only the physical health of egg donors and surrogates but each client’s psychological wellness.

Our extensive index of egg donors and surrogates includes a diverse selection of people from various backgrounds and ethnicities. Based on your preferred profile, our team of experts will assist you in selecting the appropriate surrogate or egg donor for your family. Once you’ve made your selection, we will continue to support you throughout your entire journey. Learn more about becoming an intended parent.


Egg Donors

Egg donors are essential in the process of creating a family. As an egg donor, you provide the egg that will be used to create an embryo for the intended parents. Becoming an egg donor means giving the gift of life and opening possibilities for families who have exhausted every fertility option.

During the process, your time and effort will not only be financially compensated, but we are also always here to offer support throughout your journey. We love getting to know our egg donors. Contact us today to learn more about becoming an egg donor.


Gestational Carriers & Traditional Surrogates

Surrogacy is an extraordinary way to assist a couple, or an individual, achieve their dreams of starting or expanding their family. The surrogacy journey is a unique and life-changing experience for both the surrogate and the intended parents.

There are two types of carriers. There are traditional surrogates and gestational carriers. The main difference between the two is the genetic linking. A traditional surrogate is the biological mother of the child she is carrying. A gestational carrier does not have any genetic relation to the child, her uterus is utilized as a place for an embryo to grow.

As a surrogate, you will receive comprehensive medical care and be generously compensated for your time and effort. If you’re considering surrogacy, we encourage you to take that first step and contact us today. Our experienced team members are here to guide and ensure that all parties involved are confident, comfortable, and excited throughout the surrogacy journey.



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