Becoming a surrogate is not only generous but it’s also no easy feat. That’s why our surrogates are generously compensated for their dedication to helping others grow their families. We’re here to guide you through the surrogate process and ensure that you are compensated for any related costs. 

How are Surrogates Paid?

Options in Family surrogates are compensated for their dedicated services in helping families grow. The specific details of surrogacy compensation can vary depending on the state and the specific surrogacy agreement. Surrogates are compensated for their time, effort, and any associated expenses during the surrogacy process. The intended parents are responsible for the base fee, all medical expenses, legal and agency fees, and any additional expenses that the surrogate may accrue during their journey.

How Much Does Surrogacy Pay?

All OIF surrogates receive base pay and additional benefits associated with their journey. Surrogacy compensation typically varies depending on the experience of the surrogate. Those who have been a surrogate more than once, are generally compensated more for their generous service than first-time surrogates. First-timers are, of course, still compensated greatly for their service.

Starting at


For First-Time Surrogates

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For Experienced Surrogates

Additional Compensation and Benefits

Once the legal contract between the surrogate and intended parent(s) is complete and official, the surrogate receives a bonus.

Intended parents purchase health insurance for the surrogate so it is no cost to our surrogates. If the surrogate already has health insurance, the intended parents can also cover the insurance costs.

Intended parents purchase life insurance for the surrogate so it is no cost to our surrogates. If the surrogate already has life insurance, the intended parents can also cover the insurance costs.

All tests done for the medical screening process will be completely covered by the intended parent(s).

The intended parent(s) will cover the cost to meet with a licensed psychologist.

All legal fees related to the surrogacy journey, including receiving legal counsel, will be covered by the intended parent(s).

A monthly allowance is typically given to surrogates to cover minimal travel expenses, childcare, non-prescription vitamins, supplements, over-the-counter products, international calls, and other costs related to surrogacy.

The monthly support bonus is given to surrogates who are undergoing therapy with a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT).

Surrogates will be reimbursed for the mileage used to travel to and from appointments.

Travel expenses will be covered for our surrogates who have to travel for appointments and other meetings relating to the surrogacy.

Our surrogates are given a maternity clothing bonus beginning at the 16th week of pregnancy.

At 25 weeks of pregnancy, surrogates are eligible for childcare and housekeeping benefits.

Surrogates will be given a bonus once they begin their Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) medications that prepare the uterus for implantation.

Surrogates will be compensated for each embryo transfer they undergo, even if it is not a successful transfer.

Additional compensation is given to surrogates depending on specific medical procedures that may be recommended by doctors. These procedures can include sonohysterograms, c-sections, or other procedures that are considered invasive.

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