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Welcome to Options in Family, where our dedicated team combines compassion and expertise in the realms of egg donation and surrogacy. Our case managers oversee seamless communication, provide empathetic support, and ensure the highest standards of care. 

Together, we are committed to guiding you through the transformative journey of building families. 

Meet the Team - Dr. Lin


Dr. James P. Lin

Dedicated to advancing fertility care, physician Dr. James P. Lin, MD, the founder of Options in Family, brings over 25 years of expertise as a Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Specialist. As a third-generation physician, he is passionate about integrating clinical practice, surrogacy and egg donor services, philanthropic contributions, educational resources, and scientific research and development within his network to provide comprehensive fertility solutions. Dr. Lin’s deep understanding of the complexities in the journey to parenthood led to the creation of Options in Family. Recognizing that traditional approaches may not be enough at times, he established our surrogacy and egg donation agency to broaden the access to fertility options for many. His ultimate goal is to give every individual top-quality care and tailored options that best complement their individualized fertility path, ensuring a holistic and personalized approach to realizing their dreams of growing a family.

Meet the Team - Paul


Paul Zhu

Meet the Team - Arlene

Case Manager

Arlene Pastrana

Meet the Team - Jessica

Case Manager

Jessica Gao

Operations Lead

Oscar Chavez

Meet the Team - Oscar
Meet the Team - Justin

Marketing Manager

Justin Lam

Meet the Team - Stephanie

Social Media Specialist

Stephanie Ayala

Meet the Team - Tran

Graphic Designer

Tran Nguyen

Meet the Team - Diane

Content Writer

Diane Li


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