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Welcome to Options in Family (OIF), a leading egg donation and surrogacy agency with over a decade of experience helping individuals and couples grow their families. What sets us apart is not only our team’s professional experience with egg donation and surrogacy but also our comprehensive knowledge of infertility and reproductive medicine.

Everyone deserves family.

At Options in Family, we believe everyone deserves a chance to create the family they’ve always wanted. We are proud to serve all families, regardless of background, gender, or sexual orientation. Every family is unique and deserving of the highest-quality care and services Our team of medical experts provide extensive and compassionate care throughout the surrogacy and egg donor process. We’ve helped intended parents fulfill their aspirations of parenthood while ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of our surrogates and egg donors.

We're dedicated to supporting your family-building journey.

Our committed team of experts is dedicated to addressing the requirements of each family on their journey to parenthood. We provide a range of comprehensive concierge services that fit your needs, allowing you to have access to the support you require when it’s needed. We collaborate with fertility specialists in various locations, enabling us to conduct local monitoring and screening, eliminating travel complications for our gestational carriers and egg donors.

Understanding that finding the perfect egg donor or surrogate mother isn’t easy, we’ve created a database of the most qualified egg donors and surrogates. We only work with the best to give you and your family the best care. With experienced surrogate coordinators, egg donor specialists, and a network of legal, psychological, and medical experts, we’re here to guide you through every step of the way. At OIF, we prioritize communication, respect, and confidentiality in all interactions. Whether you’re an intended parent or considering surrogacy or egg donation, we’re dedicated to making your experience a positive and life-changing one.

Our Family of Services

Global Egg Donor Program

Gain access to our diverse pool of egg donors from around the world. Our screening process evaluates all facets of our donors to ensure the best quality egg selections.

Diamond Match Program

Find your perfect match through our meticulous evaluation process. We select only donors and surrogates that best fits your ideal profile.

CARE Surrogate Program

Receive the care you need. As an extension of your family, we select only the most dependable & experienced surrogates to nurture your little bundle of joy.

YES Concierge Services

Not sure what you need? Let our compassionate team of experts help guide you every step of the way. No request is ever too big!

When you partner with Options in Family, you become part of our family.

When you choose us, you join our family, and we do only the best for our family. Here’s why choosing OIF is the right choice for your future family:

  • Get Personalized Support: Our comprehensive questionnaire allows us to identify the wants and needs of our intended parents. With this knowledge, we can better guide and enhance your journey to becoming a parent.
  • Ensure Quality Care: Our surrogates and egg donors undergo extensive health and wellness screenings. These screenings allow intended parents to rest assured they are receiving the highest-quality care available.
  • Receive Expert Guidance: Together with our experienced staff, we work closely throughout every step of your journey, whether you are an intended parent, surrogate, or egg donor. We are always here to answer any questions and address concerns.


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